Your child will need to complete 2 expeditions on top of completing their volunteering, skills and physical sections outside of school time.

The expedition has 20 conditions that need to be met by students and staff.  These can be found HERE.

Our expectations are that students attend both expeditions and adhere to all rules given.  If a student refuses instructions or does something dangerous or aggressive, they will be sent home.

While on the expedition, students will be expected to cook their own meals on a ‘Trangia’.  To find out more about this you can see the lessons they have had HERE.  This cooker uses meths and has an open flame that we use to cook food.

Students have to work as a team so they will cook together in their tent groups.  They can choose who this will be but there must be 4 to a tent.

All students will be expected to take part in the hike.  Walking groups are decided by the school and are available in a password protected area of the site for students to view.  Students will need to be away from camp for 6 hours.  They will be walking for approximately 4 of these.

Students MUST have walking boots, not trainers, and a waterproof or they will not be allowed to attend the expedition.

For any more information or if you have and concerns or queries, please email Mr Deal at mrdealcan@gmail.com


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