Shelter Building 1 – Natural Materials

– To build a simple shelter using natural materials
– To encourage teamwork and expansion of thought processes

– All students should be able to show an understanding of natural materials and how these can be used to create a shelter. Everyone should be able to work together to create a shelter as a team.
– Most students will be able to identify specific materials that will be useful and outline why their shelter will work
– Some students will be able to work well in a team, exploring roles and create a well planned shelter

Today your challenge is simple:

Work as a group to create a shelter out of natural materials in the woods. You should use your imagination to come up with a design before going into the woods to create your shelter.

Your shelter should:

Give shelter to a minimum of 2 members of your group
Be Waterproof
Be safe

You must not:

Break branches off trees
Destroy any areas of the woods.


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