Menu Planning

Planning your menu is a very important part of your expedition. As well as making sure you have a tasty, energy giving nutritious meal, you need to think about how much weight you will be carrying and how to split the ingredients between your group fairly.

Check out the worksheet below which outlines some of the key things you are going to need to think about when planning your meals:

Menu Planning Principles

Menu Planning 2

Remember, you will be walking further than most of you have done before and will be active ALL DAY. This means you are going to need plenty of energy giving carbohydrates in your main meals as well as your snacks. Think carefully about what you will cook and plan together the best menu you can.

You will find below, some recipe sites that are especially for Trangias. Some of these over complicate things though so make sure your recipes are as simple as possible and achievable while we camp. Fill in the menu planning sheet below when you have your meals planned and submit to your teacher for approval. We will be cooking your main meal next lesson so you MUST decide who is going to bring which ingredients. – Some great ideas for simple meals – Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! – Different peoples recipe ideas

There is also an app for your phone that DofE recently brought out, you can get that by clicking the graphic to the right:

Fill in the worksheet below, make sure your teacher has 1 copy and you have one to take home with you so you don’t forget your ingredients:  Worksheets will be given out by your teacher or you can print one by clicking below.

Menu Planning Worksheet – To take home

  1. Dylan Ellis says:

    Hi, our recipe was great it was easy to make and was quick. The recipe ingredients were light to carry its perfect to cook on a trangea on expeditions.

  2. Nicholas Reeve says:

    Recipe Evaluation

    1) Sausages and bacon with cheese.

    2) 6/10.

    3) RECIPE=
    – Cook the sausages,
    – When the sausages are cooked,
    – Cook the bacon,
    – Once that is cooked, wrap the bacon around the sausages and then sprinkle the cheese.

    4) If we were more organized, we could have cooked more.
    5) The amount of sausages and the size of the sausages.

    6) We will cook the same recipe on the expedition.

  3. courtney+kirsty+dylan says:

    We cooked chilli con carne and we rate it 6 and a half out of 10 because the rice wasn’t cooked properly and the chilli con carne sauce went cold a bit because we only had one trangia. We had 4 bags of rice, 1 packet of chilli powder, 1 tin of beans and 1 tin of tomatoes and 1 packet of mince. The rice could have been in longer, Kirsty said it wasn’t done but we didn’t listen to her so next time we will have to listen to her and keep it on for longer. We could change the day we done, as we didn’t have enough time to cook the rice for long enough so we could make sure it was done properly. Yes we will cook chilli con carne again because it was nice other than the fact the rice wasn’t done properly and we like cooking it at it tastes really nice.

  4. kayleigh Willetts says:

    What did we cook?
    My group cooked pasta in a tomato and herb sauce with cut up bits of bacon in it.

    Marks out of 10
    I would give this recipe 9 out of 10.
    To make this recipe better we should have added cheese and sausages but two members of our team forgot them, but other than that it was a great recipe.

    The recipe was pasta in tomatoes and herb sauce with bacon.
    The original recipe was pasta cooked in tomato and herb sauce with bacon, cheese and sausages.

    What would I change?
    I wouldn’t change anything from the original recipe. The recipe was a good one because it will give us energy for the next day, for our hike. It took a long time to cook, so if I did change the recipe it would be for something that will cook quickly.

    Would I cook this on the expedition?
    Yes and no. Yes because it was a good and easy meal to cook and it will give us a lot of energy for the next day and the hike, and no because it took a long time to cook.

    If we changed the recipe what would it be?
    The recipe I would change to would be BLT with sausage and cheese. We would do this because it would give us energy for the next day and it is easy and quick to make.

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