The food chain and food for survival

– Show a good understanding of the foodchain
– Understand that we can live off the land
– Identify several things we can eat from our natural environment (foraging)

– All students should be able to show a basic understanding of the foodachain and be able to discuss one plant we could find while foraging in the local area to eat
– Most students will be able to show a good understanding of the foodchain and explain what we mean when we talk about it. Students will be able to talk about several species of plant we could eat from our local environment
– Some students will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the food chain and how and what we can eat from our local environment.

Most of you will have covered something to do with the food chain in Science. We are going to take a quick look at it before examining various things we can eat direct from our woods, surrounding area and on expedition.

The food chain:
The picture here shows the food chain of an owl.
In groups have a think of the animals we have in our woods and decide what will be at the top.
Now work your way down the chain, working out what each animal eats.



What can we eat?

What is foraging…?

  • Forage:
  • The act of looking or searching for food or provisions.
  • To wander in search of food or provisions.
  • To conduct a search; rummage.

Have a 10 minute walk around the school grounds in pairs looking for things we can eat.  Come back to the class with a list if you can find anything.

Pick up a set of ‘Foraging Cards’.  Go into the school grounds to see if you can find any of the things mentioned.

If you find anything, please take a picture, write down where you saw it and carry on to the next thing.  We will upload our results onto here later on.

Check out 10 essential things to look for when foraging below. Click on the picture for a full description:



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