For information regarding forthcoming DofE Expeditions, please click HERE

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a hugely beneficial course for your child.  Whether its employability or university entry, the award adds value and makes sure your child stands out from the rest. It shows that they can work individually and in a team and above all overcome hurdles and challenges.

City Academy Norwich champions the Duke of Edinburgh Award and makes sure your child gets the most they can from it.  Your support will also be necessary if they are to succeed. With 3 sections to complete outside of school time, the challenge is on, students need to do a minimum of 1 hour a week for 3 months in each of the sections to complete their bronze, 6 months at Silver and 12 at Gold.  In essence, this means they will have 3 hours homework a week and although they should be doing something they enjoy and are interested in, this can be a challenge for even our most dedicated students.  To have your support and encouragement is vital.

Two expeditions also have to be completed, one of which is assessed by DofE and counts as your final ‘exam’.  These can be hard for some students that have not been away from home before or generally don’t like camping.  It is sometimes only the gentle persuasion of parents that makes sure they get the confidence to come along.  We are always available to discuss issues you or your child has and to support you in supporting them.  If you have any questions or issues, please get in touch via the school switchboard or email


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