Map Reading – Introduction to OS Maps

For todays lesson you will need: An OS Map, 1:25 000 Legend, Aerial photo of the local area, Flip Chart

Learning Objectives:

– Gain an understanding of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition
– Identify what new skills will need to be leaned to be able to complete successfully.
– Gain an understanding of the countryside code and ordinance survey maps

Lesson Outcomes:

– All students should be able to identify what an expedition will involve and demonstrate a basic understanding of ordinance survey and the countryside code
– Most students will be able to show a good understanding of ordinance survey maps and the countryside code
– Some students will be able to identify ordinance survey symbols and show a complete understanding of the countryside code

The expedition:

Possibly the most exciting and challenging bit of your award will be the expedition. You will be expected to camp, cook for yourself, complete 2 days of hiking, navigate around the local area using a map and compass and not moan (too much).

Today we will start looking at what the expedition will look like and look at some of the basic skills you will require.

Check out some pictures from our previous expeditions here

One of the things we will need to know about when we are on expedition is the countryside code, check out the video below and the handout provided (print here) and answer the questions:

OS Maps….

You will need to learn how to navigate as the hikes you go on will require you to walk in a group without help or support from your teachers. This means you need to be able to map read. Check out the handouts (images below) to find out a bit more about OS maps.


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