Route Planning 2

– Gain a full understanding of route planning
– All students should be able to create a basic route using edofe
– Most students will be able to create a route that can be used for their Bronze practice expedition
– Some students will be able to teach others how to use the software and ensure weaker members of their group are able to complete a route

If you have an edofe account, you will need to log in, click HERE to access it.  If you have forgotten your password, please click the ‘forgot your password’ under the login area.  I do not know your password! Your username should be you first name followed by your surname with no space in between.

You can download a written guide to show how to do routes on edofe by clicking the following link: eDofE_mapping_participant_instructions

Check out the videos below to gain an understanding of how to plan a route on edofe…

We will also be looking at how to upload using gpx mapping, see how to do that below:

  1. […] Route Planning 2 […]

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