Shelter Building 2 – Natural materials


–  To create a high quality shelter

–  To understand what a high quality shelter requires


–   All students should be able to identify what kind of shelter they are building and 1 reason it is good

–   Most students will be able to identify specific materials that will be useful and outline why their shelter is of high quality

–   Some students will be able to explain how to build a quality shelter, the resources needed and the positives and negatives of what they are doing

Last lesson you made a shelter using your imagination and little guidance.  Today, we are going to look at how to create a shelter that is more likely to keep you safe and dry if you were ever to need it.

Check out the video below for examples of several shelters build by Bear Grylls

Instructions for building a debris shelter, click the image

Instructions for building a lean-to shelter, click the image


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