Making a Debris Shelter

To make your debris shelter, follow the instructions below:

Take a forked tree branch and wedge it into the ground about a foot deep, with the “Y” pointing up.

The ridgepole is the center ceiling support and should be straight and sturdy. Run it from the ground to the fork, resting in the “Y.”
Create an “A” for the tent door by resting sturdy diagonal branches opposite each other that meet at the fork.
Use vine or thin green branches to lash together all three support points.
Create a ribbed frame with branches set diagonally along the ridgepole, wide enough so you have room inside.

Once you have your frame built, cover it in woodland material such as dead leaves, ferns or stinging nettles.  Remember, the more you put on, the more waterproof and windproof your shelter will be.


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