Tree Identification

– Gain an understanding of the environment we will be working in
– Discover new areas in the school grounds

– All students should be able to identify one tree
– Most students will be able to identify several trees within our woods and be able to discuss their features
– Some students will be able to identify a selection of trees from our woods and give uses for their wood

In this session we are going to be looking at the woods in which we will work in and the uses of various natural materials that are in it. You will also look at what tree species we have in our woods and will learn how to identify them from their leaf shape.

Step 1 – Go into the woods and collect a minimum of 6 different leaves from trees.

Step 2 – Bring them into the classroom and stick them onto the worksheet provided.

Step 3 – Using the CAN Tree identifier, work out which leaf belongs to which tree and fill in the worksheet

Step 4 – Using the internet discover 3 uses for a tree of your choice

Step 5 – Laminate your worksheet


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