OS Map Symbols

DofE Silver Students click here

For this lesson you will need:

Os Map 1:25000, OS Map symbols Sheet (link below), OS Symbol cards

To ensure you can navigate safely, you will need to be able to recognise various symbols on the map.  Click on the image below to get a full size version of the OS Map ‘legend’.  A legend is the key to the symbols on a map.

1:25 000 OS Map Legend

Mark on your map 1 of each of the following:

1)  Main Road          2) Secondary (B) Road          3) Railway          4) Footpath          5) Path          6) Coniferous Woodland          7) Non coniferous woodland          8) Bus station          9) Parking          10) Picnic area          11)Windmill         12) Viewpoint          13) Nature Reserve          14) National trail OR Recreational Route          15) Braken, Heath or rough grassland

Take the flashcard challenge:

Use the flashcards provided and match up the symbols to the card descriptions.  You can also download and make your own flashcards from the ordinance survey website by clicking the image below:

OS Flashcards

Make your own symbols to use in next weeks lesson:

You will need – 5 pieces of A4 paper, Pens, pencils

1) Draw your chosen symbol on the piece of paper

2) Colour it

3) Laminate ready to use next time


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