Map Reading – Scale and Grid References

DofE Silver Students click here

For todays Lesson you will need:

A Compass, An OS Map

Today we will be looking at scale and 4 and 6 figure grid references.

Ordnance Survey maps are covered in a series of faint blue lines that make up a grid. The lines have numbers accompanying them that allow you to accurately pinpoint your location on a map. Once you have located where you are, the grid system makes it simple to give others (such as mountain rescue or me when you are lost on your expedition) an accurate description of your location. This description, which will be a series of numbers, is known as a grid reference.

The presentation below is what you will go through with your teacher.  You can have a look at it any time if you want to get ahead!

Answer the following questions:

Test: Go to the following link to take the Geography Grid References Test


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