Environments Within an Environment

– Students should gain an understanding of the various environments that surround us
– Students should see the effect of man on the environment
– Students will gain knowledge of soil structures and changes in environments

– All students should be able to show an understanding of the various environments within our school grounds
– Most students will be able to show a good understanding the various environments and be able to discuss specific differences in each one
– Some students will be able to identify reasons for the different environments, explain mans role in this and give examples of flora and fauna contained in each

In todays lesson we are going to explore the environments around us to explore the differences and find out what different species lurk within each place, even though they might only be meters from each other.

In small groups, come up with different environments you might find within the school grounds.


Step 1 – Split into groups
Step 2 – Ask Mr Deal for a ‘zone’
Step 3 – Get all equipment needed (see board)
Step 4 – Go out to your zone and follow instructions on worksheet
Step 5 – Bring your findings back to the classroom

For help identifying insects, use http://www.ispot.org.uk/webkeys/
For help identifying water wildlife use http://www.ispot.org.uk/webkeys/selectkey.jsp


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