Ideas for Physical

Fancy yourself as the next Wayne Rooney, Kelly Holmes or Tony Hawk? Well now’s your chance to prove it! This part of your DofE programme is all about getting active. Whether you’re into sports, dance or general fitness it doesn’t matter – you can choose to do something you’re interested in. Ideas from the DofE website can be found HERE.

You don’t need to be star athlete or the fittest person in the world to complete your Physical section. As long as you have fun, get better and fitter, then you’ll have done it! From playing for a local sports club to weekly dance classes, from free running to yoga, from ultimate flying disc to wheelchair football, almost any dance, sport or fitness activity can count. Have a chat with your Leader, your friends and family to see what’s around locally.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, you need to find an adult who needs to know what you’re aiming to achieve, can help you through your section and sign your Record Book at the end of it to prove you did it. This is your Assessor and, for your Physical section, this is likely to be the person who’s running the activity you do, for example your sports coach, dance teacher or gym instructor.

With the help of your Assessor, agree a time frame and set yourself some goals to aim for – just make sure they’re going to challenge you. You could choose to aim for a standard or award set by the sport or activity’s governing body. Then check your choice and goals with your Leader, get their approval and agree when to catch up with them whilst you’re doing your activity. As soon as this is done, it’s time to get active!

Lots of Ideas

Read the Programme Ideas – Physical sheet to see a huge number of possible options.


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