Route Planning


To familiarise yourself with the techniques of route planning

To understand fully the route you will be walking next week

To be aware of dangers and timings for your walk next week


All students will gain an awareness of the route they will be walking and understand directions andthe  timings of thier walk

Most students will be able to plan their route and be able to walk through their route, knowing where to turn, rest and meet instructors

Some students will be able to walk through the route without a map, knowing the detail of directions to walk, tick features, catchments and overshoots.

Challenge 1

In todays lesson we will be using route cards.  These will need to be filled in for any walks we do and in particular, need to be completed in detail for our expeditions.  You will use your Sheringham to Cromer maps today, on which I have marked each point you need to use on your route cards.

Click on the picture to the left or on the link here: Route Card Explanation to find out more about the route card and how to fill it in. Doing this properly ensures you don’t get lost and if you do go off the track, you can find your way back so although its a tedious exercise, it is very important!

REMEMBER: The map you have been given has been photocopied and this has changed the scale.  Work out the new scale, keeping in mind the grid lines are 1km apart.

Fill in your route card.  Once finished go on to challenge 2.

Challenge 2.

Find a shorter route, NOT using the beach or main roads, that would cut at least half an hour off your journey time.

Produce a route card for your new route.

Language used in todays lesson:

Bearings – Find out more here

Grid references – Find out more here

Leg – A leg is each part of your walk.  So point 1-2 is a leg, point 2-3 another, 3-4 another.


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