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Route Planning

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Its time to start on your route planning…. This week we need to get your routes sorted for your expeditions.  You will have 2 routes to plan fully using edofe.  Each student will need to complete the route planning.

So head over to edofe by clicking the link on the left.  You can learn more on how to complete your routes through the tutorial videos on ‘Route Planning 2’.


Your businesses will need to be completed.  You will get the chance to sell your merchandise at the Family Fun Day on the 16th March (volunteer helpers still needed).

Mountain Biking – We will start the mountain biking course in the next few weeks so get ready for some time in the outdoors!


The weather forecast is good but cold for Friday so we are going to be outside for at least part of our lesson.  Please bring appropriate, warm clothing!

Mr Deal

Apologies to everyone for the changes that have had to be made to our expedition dates.  See amendments below:

Dates for 2013 expeditions are as follows:

Bronze Award Practice: (your child should know which option group you are in)

Option A: March 2nd/3rd March 30th/31st

Option B: March 2nd/3rd  March 30th/31st

Option C: March 23rd/24th April 20th/21st

Bronze Award Assessed

Option A: May 4th/5th

Option B: May 4th/5th

Option C: May  25th/26th

Silver Award Practice

All: Apr 10th/11th/12th

Silver Assessed


You can find details of what equipment you will need here: Equipment

France Trip – Last Chance

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Trips


I am about to open this trip to the rest of the school so please get your permission forms and deposit in as soon as possible if you want to come along…..

If you need a new letter, please let me know.

Any questions you have should be answered here but if not, come and see me or comment below.

DofE today

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We will be outside for some of the lesson so please come prepared!