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DofE sections – Completion Dates

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Students doing their bronze award that are hoping to go on to do their Silver this school year, need to have all sections completed by March.  This gives you 8 weeks to complete.

If you haven’t started yet, you will not be able to complete both Bronze and Silver this year.

Those on you on Silver already will need to complete your sections by April.

Please see Mr Deal or Mr Williams if you are worried about any of your sections or the expedition.


Found this earlier on, might be of use to some of you!!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions are not easy but if you have the right attitude you will get through them and really enjoy them – it’s not a punishment! It IS very fun, whether you are at bronze, silver or gold level. You will (hopefully!) live to tell the tale with this guide!

  1. Try to get into a group where everybody will get on. Make sure you have at least one person in your group who you know you will be able to talk to when you want t
  2. Take everything on your checklist with you. If your teacher hasn’t given you a checklist, ask for one. It should include clothes, waterproof clothing, a 65-litre rucksack, a roll mat and sleeping bag, a First Aid kit, some personal belongings, safety equipment, and food. Don’t take anything you don’t need, and that includes makeup, books. I recommend taking an audio book on a simple MP3 player- it keeps you going and can be relaxing.
  3. Food such as pasta and noodles are good to take with you – be prepared to have pasta at every meal! It may seem like a good idea to bring sweets but they will put you on an instant sugar high and then on a sugar low within a short period of time leaving you more sluggish than before, bring snacks such as dried fruit, nuts, rice cakes and a banana or two.
  4. ‘Break in’ your walking boots first by wearing them around the house for a while, or use an old pair. Get used to the weight of your rucksack before you go. If you’re unfit, the time to start exercising is 6-12 weeks before you go, not two days before the expedition.
  5. Bringing a ‘bum-bag’ with you can be very helpful – you can carry blister plasters and a top-up water bottle in it without having to stop to get the bigger ones out of your rucksack.

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