Student Participation

As part of your volunteering, why not get involved in ‘Student Participation’, a new initiative being run in the Academy for the 2012/2013 academic year.

The idea is that YOU, the students, will ‘run’ parts of the school, coming up with ideas and making a difference to make it a better place for all to learn and relax in.

There are 5 main areas in which we need you to be involved…..

The Environment – 

We need a student team to manage the environment around the school.  Whether that be helping with the eco council, getting involved with the upkeep of the pond and gardens,  creating a strategy for dealing with litter or coming up with new and exciting uses for the spaces around the Academy.

Student Support – 

Life can sometimes feel like a maze, in this team you will be to support and guide your fellow students.  This could be through becoming a peer mentor (the course could be your skill), helping another student through a restorative conversation, coming up with new ways to reward good behaviour or organising social activities and events.

Student Discipline

This team will focus on the behaviour around the Academy.  Helping out at duty points during break and lunches might be something you do as well as coming up with new ways of dealing with bad behaviour and helping to make sure the school is a great place to be.

Learning – 

This team will have the important role of making sure that everyone gets the best out of the courses they are doing and does the best they can in exams.

This might be done through you mentoring a peer, helping other students in subjects you excel at or with revision for exams.  You would also be involved with staff appointments at the Academy, joining interview panels and asking questions that are important to you to see what you think of people wanting to work at City Academy.

Marketing – 

City Academy needs students like you to help with marketing and promotion.  This might be through your skills of graphic design, photography or writing.  Your ideas and work will all go towards brochures, media and even press releases to help take the Academy to the next level.


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