The Expedition Aim

You will need to have an ‘aim’ for your expedition.  This will be something you start looking at before you go and complete while you are away.  Ideas for this are available from the Dofe website at and are reproduced below:


  • Explore and document cairns.
  • Investigate the changes in local agriculture over the last 100 years.
  • Explore an historic place made famous in a film or television programme and document the scenery.
  • Investigate Roman sites around Hadrian’s Wall.
  • Photograph and describe interesting old buildings along your route.


  • Decorate a white t-shirt, using inspiration from the scenery that you see along your route.
  • Search for forms of fungi, photograph or sketch them and record them.
  • Paint different types of trees and correctly identify them.
  • List and film the different kinds of birds that you see.
  • Draw all the different star constellations that you see.


  • Create a series of communication signals to use within your team.
  • Do a fun team game or challenge each day to promote team building.
  • Make a video diary of your team’s experiences, from camping and cooking to reaching your destination.
  • Design a team motif and make a badge or accessory for each team member to wear that reflects your journey.
  • As a team, identify different team roles and rotate each day.


  • Monitor the levels of litter on your route and plan how you could campaign to reduce this.
  • Consider the impact of vehicles on the environment along your route.
  • Record evidence of wildlife breeding programmes and how you would start your own.
  • Investigate the maintenance of footpaths and hedgerows.
  • Study local efforts to stop the erosion of coastlines.


  • Record your different emotions over the expedition and relate it to the physical challenge.
  • Set a group challenge to speed walk every day for a certain period of time and keep each other going.
  • Monitor what time of day people have the most energy to push themselves harder and improve your journey times.
  • Film warm up and warm down sessions before and after your day’s walk.
  • Monitor changing heart rates and body temperature on the expedition route.


  • Write a series of poems of your experiences and critique them.
  • Visit areas which inspired poetry, such as the Lake District and Wordsworth.
  • Explore sites made famous in folklore, such as Robin Hood’s legendary home of Sherwood Forest.
  • Use your funniest expedition moments to create a play and perform it as your presentation.
  • Write a short ghost story or mystery tale based loosely on your expedition.



  1. Nicholas Reeve says:

    my aim is to set a different challenge each day so i can make it harder for myself and to push myself further

  2. callum smith says:

    my aim is too write poems of my experiences

  3. kayleigh willetts says:

    Explore and document the places I go.
    List and film the types of birds I see.
    Make a video diary of my team’s expedition involving the cooking, hiking and making the tent
    Write about my expedition

  4. Casey says:

    explore and look at the places i go
    look and explore the wildlife
    make a diary or a video about what i see and what i do on my experdition
    learn how to cook on a trangia

  5. kirsty williams says:

    my aim is to put rubbish in the bin instead of leaving it on the floor

  6. sammy daggy says:

    im trying new aim every day and harder stuff

  7. Kieran Briggs says:

    To decorate a tshirt with various things I find along the route

  8. ben mitchell says:

    find my way round with out a map

  9. luke weston says:

    find your way around without a compass

  10. Becky says:

    My aim is to take pictures oh different animals and insects then make a picture and write 2 or 3 facts about each insect/animal.

  11. jordan l says:

    my aim is to make a colage of pictures i take on the hike

  12. Bethany Sadler says:

    my aim is to study and identify all types of leave and trees.
    i will take pictures of all types of trees that i see on my expedition then i will print them out and make a collage with some information about each tree leaf i see.

    • candofe says:

      That will fit in really well with the Tree ID work we have done in class Beth, maybe you could help expand the tree ID stuff we currently have on this website?

  13. thomas says:

    my aim is to create a photo album

  14. liam1997 says:

    my aim is to do a •Photograph and describe interesting old buildings along your route

  15. amber says:

    make a video of what we are doing every day :)xo

  16. alarnaB says:

    to create a cloarge of different plants i find along the hike

  17. Jordan Joy says:

    to build team work with other members in option A 🙂

  18. Lauren says:

    My aim is to take pictures of differant scenes, for example woodland and an animal, or if there is a farm, then draw the main part of the scene and write about it.

  19. Kira-Leigh says:

    My aim is to know the area i am working in. And to know all the types of trees and leave within my area so it helps me to identify where abouts i am.

  20. take pictures along the way and make them into a collage

  21. aron says:

    aron is amazing lol

  22. megan says:

    my aim is to take pictures of things we see and describe what it is.

  23. Leon Bailey says:

    My aim is to take pictues of the Roads and Paths i take and make a collage of the picture. Me and my band (The Benevolence) are awsome and dont forget it fool.

  24. teliesha williams says:

    my aim is to Photograph and describe interesting old buildings along the route.

  25. susan harwin says:

    to take pictures of different scenes and animals and photoshop them.

  26. emmi-ann hazelton says:

    my aim is to Write a short ghost story or mystery tale based loosely on your expedition.

  27. aron says:

    sir smells hahahahahahahahahah llloooooooolllllllll

  28. aron says:

    sir cant put up a tent

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